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Pleno empleo en el Reino Unido con ingresos a la baja

Britain’s unemployment rate has fallen to a new 42-year low of 4.3% in the three months to July. That’s down from 4.4% a month ago and the lowest since 1975. That sounds good news for all – until we look at what is happening to average wages for British workers after inflation is deducted. Average […]

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Se estanca la inversión en países ricos

Recently, Larry Elliott, the economics correspondent of the British liberal newspaper, The Guardian raised again the puzzle of the gap between rising corporate profits and stagnant corporate investment in the major capitalist economies. Elliott put it “The multinational companies that bankroll the WEF’s annual meeting in Davos are awash with cash. Profits are strong. The return on […]

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Crisis europea por M. Roberts

I’ve just returned from Cluj, Romania’s second largest city, where I discussed the Euro crisis and the future of Europe with Mark Blyth of Brown University. Mark Blyth has published a number of books, including Austerity: a dangerous idea, which covers the history of the austerity doctrine as he sees it and its impact on […]

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Las memorias de un errático exministro de economía griego

Yanis Varoufakis once described himself as an ‘erratic Marxist’. This heterodox economist became the finance minister in the Syriza-led Greek government during the most intense period of the Greek debt crisis when the Greeks were trying to avoid severe austerity measures being imposed by the Troika of the EU group, the IMF and the ECB […]

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Causas de la desigualdad

The leading Keynesian bloggers have been discussing the causes of inequality again. In particular, they have highlighted the apparent decline in labour’s share of national income in most advanced capitalist economies since the early 1980s. According to an ILO report, in 16 developed economies, labour took a 75% share of national income in the mid-1970s, […]

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¿Aumenta o disminuye la pobreza en el mundo?

Is global poverty falling or rising? Realistic estimates calculate that there are over 4 billion people in poverty in this world, or two-thirds of the population. And yet, in their latest ‘public letter’ to us all, Bill and Melinda Gates, the richest family in the world, issued last month, were keen to tell us that […]

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