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Las memorias de un errático exministro de economía griego

Yanis Varoufakis once described himself as an ‘erratic Marxist’. This heterodox economist became the finance minister in the Syriza-led Greek government during the most intense period of the Greek debt crisis when the Greeks were trying to avoid severe austerity measures being imposed by the Troika of the EU group, the IMF and the ECB […]

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Causas de la desigualdad

The leading Keynesian bloggers have been discussing the causes of inequality again. In particular, they have highlighted the apparent decline in labour’s share of national income in most advanced capitalist economies since the early 1980s. According to an ILO report, in 16 developed economies, labour took a 75% share of national income in the mid-1970s, […]

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¿Aumenta o disminuye la pobreza en el mundo?

Is global poverty falling or rising? Realistic estimates calculate that there are over 4 billion people in poverty in this world, or two-thirds of the population. And yet, in their latest ‘public letter’ to us all, Bill and Melinda Gates, the richest family in the world, issued last month, were keen to tell us that […]

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Desigualdad a 150 años de El capital

I have written many posts on the level and changes in inequality of wealth and incomes, both globally and within countries. There has been a ‘wealth’ of empirical studies showing rising inequality in incomes and wealth in most capitalist economies in the last century. There have been various theoretical explanations provided for this change. The […]

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The Global Paradox

Most people missed it but America’s intelligence services also looked recently at developments in the world economy. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) published its latest assessment, called Global Trends: The Paradox of Progress, which “explores trends and scenarios over the next 20 years”. The DNI concludes that the world is “living […]

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A Trump boom? — Michael Roberts Blog

The US stock market continues to jump and has now reached a record high. Finance capital is getting very positive about Trumponomics with its plans for cutting taxes (both corporate and personal), reducing the regulation of the banks and implementing range of infrastructure projects to create jobs and boost investment. But even assuming all this […]

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Global turbulence ahead — Michael Roberts Blog

This coming week sees the start of the semi-annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank in New York. This is an opportunity for the world’s economic strategists to review the state of the major world economies. And it’s not good news. Earlier this month, the OECD, which looks after the world’s top 30 economies, […]

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