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El dilema de la deuda brasileña

Brazil faces a presidential election in October 2018. This will offer a new benchmark for which way Brazilian politics and the economy will go. Will a coalition of pro-big business parties and a president win or will a coalition led by the Workers party return to power under a leftist president (possibly Lula, the former […]

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Crisis europea por M. Roberts

I’ve just returned from Cluj, Romania’s second largest city, where I discussed the Euro crisis and the future of Europe with Mark Blyth of Brown University. Mark Blyth has published a number of books, including Austerity: a dangerous idea, which covers the history of the austerity doctrine as he sees it and its impact on […]

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Brazil: at the end of its Temer? — Michael Roberts Blog

The news that Brazil’s right-wing President Temer has been caught trying to bribe politicians to keep quiet about corruption allegations increases the likelihood that he will be impeached by Brazil’s Congress this year. Temer is already the most unpopular president in Brazil’s democratic history. He only got into office by organising a ‘constitutional coup’ that […]

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Reseña de “Rentabilidad, inversión y crisis”, de José Tapia — Rolando Astarita [Blog]

Ediciones Maia acaba de publicar Rentabilidad, inversión y crisis. Teorías económicas y datos empíricos (Madrid, 2017), de José Tapia. Actualmente Tapia es profesor titular de la Universidad Drexel, en Filadelfia, donde dicta cursos sobre desarrollo social, Economía Política y cambio climático. Ha publicado en revistas académicas internacionales, y juntos escribimos La Gran Recesión y el […]

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Las memorias de un errático exministro de economía griego

Yanis Varoufakis once described himself as an ‘erratic Marxist’. This heterodox economist became the finance minister in the Syriza-led Greek government during the most intense period of the Greek debt crisis when the Greeks were trying to avoid severe austerity measures being imposed by the Troika of the EU group, the IMF and the ECB […]

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