“The Connection of Mind and Nature: Marx’s 1878 Notebooks on Geology”: Martin Hundt

A review by a German Marx scholar of the newly published Vol. IV/ 26 of the Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe (Complete Writings). Marx made these notes, some of which bear upon ecological issues, in 1878. This was just before his Ethnological Notebooks on non-Western and precapitalist societies, in which he studied numerous indigenous peoples. – Editors

The appearance of a new MEGA volume [IV/ 26] – What was Marx looking for in geological studies?

These texts were in the archives for 134 years: at first in the archive of Friedrich Engels, and thereafter for a long time in the archive of the SPD [Social Democratic Party] in Berlin. It was [Soviet Marx editor David] Riazanov, in 1925, who first pointed out their significance. In 1933 they were rescued from the clutches of the Nazis — and taken to Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and London.

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