“The Language Question in Marxism: Brecht, Gramsci and Wittgenstein”: Wolfgang Fritz Haug

The title pretends too much. The scope of my remarks is in a way quite modest. I want to show that in the creative laboratory of the twenties and early thirties there are innovative elements in Marxist thought of great theoretical productivity. These promising beginnings were prevented from developing by Stalinism, World War II and the subsequent Cold War period. My argument is, that some of these elements meet vital needs of Marxist thought today. This leads to the immodest side of my argument: Here I pretend that Marxist thought or the philosophical discourse of Marxism is in need of being reinvented. The various sedimented philosophies which occupy its field are disparate and at least partly dead. It is time to reinvent, because the time of the old mainstream-Marxisms has run out. This is one element of truth in post-marxisms. There is only one way to »win back« the initiative…

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