Revitalizing Marxist Theory for Today’s Capitalism

Research in Political Economy, v. 27, 2011

Part I: Growth and Finance: Mainstream Limitations and Marxist Insights

A Critique of Mainstream Growth Theory: Ways Out of the Neoclassical Science (-Fiction) and Toward Marxism
Rémy Herrera (pp. 3 – 63)

From Growth Stagnation to Financial Crisis: Unproductive Labor as a Missing Link in Mainstream Theory
Robert Chernomas, Fletcher Baragar (pp. 65 – 80)

Crisis Theory and the Great Recession: A Personal Journey, from Marx to Minsky
Riccardo Bellofiore (pp. 81 – 120)

“Financial” vs. “Real”: An Overview of the Contradictory Role of Finance
Özgür Orhangazi (pp. 121 – 148)

Part II: Discovering and Renewing Marxist Theory

Nikolai Sieber: An Introduction to a Political Economist Approved by Marx
James D. White (pp. 151 – 154)

Marx’s Economic Theory
Nikolai Ivanovich Sieber (pp. 155 – 190)

The Value and Price of Information Commodities: An Assessment of the South Korean Controversy
Heesang Jeon (pp. 191 – 222)

Lenin’s Economics: A Marxian Critique
Seongjin Jeong (pp. 223 – 254)

Class Struggle in Production and Devalorization of Capital
A.D. Magaline (pp. 255 – 268)

Part III: Debating Positivist Marxism

Marxism, Crisis, and Economic Laws: A Comment
Gary Mongiovi (pp. 271 – 284)
Crisis, Marxism, and Economic Laws: A Response to Gary Mongiovi
Alan Freeman (pp. 285 – 296)



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