World Economics Association Newsletter 1(1), Dec.2011

Inside this issue:
Editorial: Why pluralism
Stuart Birks
Message from
Edward Fullbrook
General equilibrium: I
object… John Weeks
Formal structure and
finances of the WEA
WEA online conferences 4
WEA Conference: Ethics 4
Asset sales and framing
Stuart Birks
A Chinese perspective
Yanli Huo
A Thai perspective Pasuk
A Latin-American perspective
Roberto Frenkel
Open research evaluation,
Grazia Ietto-Gilles
New book, Innovation
and Economic Crisis
Two WEA Journals 10
Econometrician? So
you’re a historian Stuart
New book, Reassessing
the Paradigm of Economics
Harvard economics students
Two quotes 12
Contacts and announcements

“The crisis makes clear that the effort of the mainstream in economic thinking to ignore or even suppress differing voices can have disastrous social consequences. There could, therefore, be no better time to build an institution like the World Economics Association
that would encourage and project such voices.”
C. P. Chandrasekhar, Jawaharlal Nehru University

“Today, economics needs methodological pluralism more than ever. The creation of the World Economics Association is a historic step towards that destination.”
Ha-Joon Chang, Cambridge University

“Neoclassical economics created an Euclidean utopia of a self-stabilizing market. However, we live in a non-Euclidean world with market instability and economic complexity. We need the World Economics Association platform for exploring a new paradigm of economic thinking.”
Ping Chen, Peking University & Fudan University in China

“With the creation of the World Economics Association, the dismal grey landscape of academic economics takes a turn for the better. Let this be our “Occupy” moment, and the first step on the way toward an ethical, open-minded, relevant and effective profession.”
James Galbraith, The University of Texas at Austin “For far too long, our profession was too willing to accept unrealistic assumptions to make its mathematical models “work,” resulting in innumerable GIGOs (garbage in, garbage out). I hope the World Economics Association will give us economists the courage to look at the world as it is so that we can start producing work that is relevant for the society.”
Richard Koo, Nomura Research Institute, Japan

“In Latin America we salute the creation of the World Economics Association. There could not be a more appropriate moment to launch it than now, when the international financial crisis and the, so far, in general inadequate responses to it. prove the urgent need to abandon the mainstream view that there is a unique agenda for economic growth, stabilization and development, valid for each and every country or region”
Juan Carlos Moreno-Brid, Economic Commission for Latin America

“Economics has failed us during the current crisis, yet little has changed within the profession. I hope the World Economics Association will help build a less insular, more robust economics discipline.”
Dani Rodrik, Harvard University

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